Sunday, November 13, 2011

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

By most accounts, Steve Jobs was an ass.  He was a bully in every respect.  It is possible that having a billion dollars made Jobs feel like that he was above the rules that everyone else had to follow.

I don't think that I would have lasted 2 weeks working for Steve Jobs.  I have known and worked with people who were minor versions of Jobs.  These are people with such inflated egos and strong personal ambition that they
don't care if they step on everyone else.

One has to wonder then, why there is such a huge international outpouring of sentiment over Steve Jobs death?  The reasoning seems to be that we love someone who gave us such wonderful toys.  Also, Steve Jobs public persona was that of a likable guy with huge charisma.  I think that people want to believe that Jobs changed and matured over time.  It is not clear that he ever did.

I want to believe that Jobs behavior was because of an almost clinical obsession to achieve perfection.  Personally I can relate somewhat.  His biggest weakness was also his biggest strength, because his personal obsessions allowed him to achieve great things.

Despite his character flaws, there is no question that Jobs was a great man.  The life he lived is inspirational.  Here was a man who was on a personal  mission to change the world and he succeeded brilliantly a few times over.  If it weren't for Jobs and the dedicated people at Apple, we would have waited another five years for smart phones to reach the level of the iPhone.  It was a product that was truly ahead of its time, and so was the original McIntosh computer, and to a less extent the iPad.

Jobs final words were "Wow. Wow. Wow."  I couldn't agree more.  Steve Jobs made computer technology cool.  That is quite an accomplishment.

However, technology will change our world so much over the coming decades, there will come a time when the iPhone and the iMac seem primitive.  Jobs contribution will be somewhat forgotten and relegated to a footnote in history.  He was the Walt Disney of the computer age; He started a wonderful company, but now he is gone.  The torch has been passed onto other people.  Nevertheless, the world is a lesser place because of his passing.

I spent the last few weeks reading about Steve Jobs and watching videos about him.  I think that these are worth looking at:

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