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The better question: Innovation vs. Refinement - The More/Real Blog

They currently sell 148(!) models of both traditional cellphones and smartphones. If you take just their touchscreen Android smartphones, you're still left with 43 individual products. 43! (Look at this post from Andrew Kim comparing the Apple and Samsung phone lineups. You'll get dizzy looking at the Samsung offering.)

The advantage to their continuous innovation strategy is they can try out many ideas and let the market decide what they want in a phone. This disadvantage is they are confusing the hell out of the market. Is the Galaxy S II better than the Galaxy S Aviator? Why does the Galaxy S II for AT&T have a different GUI than the Galaxy S II for US Cellular?

It also causes them to divide the attention of their workforce, makes their supply chain overly complicated, and forces them to reinvent the wheel every time they bring a new phone into production. They never get a chance to fix the problems of the first gen products because in a sense, they only produce first gen products. Look, Samsung is very successful and they make good products. If they emphasized refinement more, they could be even more successful and make great products.

Refining and building on what came before leads to better products. Simple refinements may not always yield the most exciting results, but you end up making a genuinely better product both for the end user and for your company.

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John Coffey

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Apple fires closing shots at Samsung in patents battle - Chicago Tribune

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Google’s Motorola Files New Patent Case Against Apple - Businessweek

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iPhone Flaw Allows SMS Spoofing, Says Hacker | PCWorld

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What the next iPhone will look like -

On Twitter, I've seen some speculation that the leaked pictures are part of an elaborate conspiracy to trick the tech press — that Apple may have created and planted decoy iPhone parts in the media to throw us off the real, not-at-all-boring new iPhone. All of the images have come from anonymous sources who are said to be close to Apple's production facilities, so that's not out of the realm of possibility.

But I find the decoy argument pretty far-fetched. That's because the leaked pictures add up to a device that's in keeping with Apple's overall philosophy of constant refinement — the new iPhone will be a slight improvement on the old iPhone, 

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Fwd: Sanctions at the Genius Bar

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Maybe I want one

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FW: Apple

From: Robert


It’s true, I’ve fallen away from the Church of Apple.  I’m sort of an Apple apostate.  I used to be very zealous about computers and a lot of things.  I’m much less zealous about anything these days.  All those PC versus Mac days are long gone for me.  I was on the Mac side back when but not for at least the last 20 years or so.


I don’t have anything against Apple or people who buy Apple products.  I even buy stuff from Apple for my daughter.  It’s good stuff.  It’s just not for me personally.  And I’m definitely not in the cult of Apple.  I’m more like a post “Cult of Apple” survivor now.


Whenever anyone asks me, “What phone should I get?”  I consider who is asking.  If it is someone who is not very technically inclined, I immediately say, “Get an iPhone” or “Get a Mac”.  Mostly because I don’t want to be providing any assistance or technical support to their cheaper and harder to use Android phone or PC.


I can dislike Apple and be still be friends with Apple fans or fanboys or fangirls.    LOL.


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Samsung Galaxy S III is an iPhone contender: review

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InformationWeek Mobile Edition - OPINION

iPhone 5

RE: Prepaid iPhone

2 years seems like a good time period to have a phone..  I am still quite happy with my iPhone 4 after 22 months.  I think that I will have to wait an additional 4 months for the iPhone 5 to come out.  Even so, I am not sure how badly I want to upgrade since I am still quite happy with the 4.  I will most likely upgrade.

Best wishes,

John Coffey


From:  Robert


I’m getting ready to drop my $80 monthly post-paid, off contract and move to a pre-paid $50 dollar, unlimited text, voice and data plan with a $600 phone soon.  I can only stay with a phone for 18 months before I start climbing the walls so I don’t want to buy the phone on contract.  Contracts just suck all around for me.  So I’ll buy the phone off contract and drop the traditional carrier.


This is the one I’m looking at:


I’m going to try them out for a month.  If I’m still happy, I’ll move my primary number over to them.  They say they don’t support 4G but everyone on the boards say their phones operate at 4G.





From: Coffey, John R


It doesn’t make sense to sell a $500 phone on a prepaid plan.


Best wishes,

John Coffey


From: Robert

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There is a game called Snappers on the iPhone.  I don’t know if it is available for android.   It is a puzzle game that is similar to nuclear fission.  


I love the game.  Some of harder puzzles have taken either several minutes of trial and error or several minutes of thinking or some combination of both for me to figure them out.


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RE: Fastest wireless in SLC?

I have gotten 4Mb just from my office.  Somebody I know with a 4S phone got 5Mb from the Salt Lake Community College, where I only got 3Mb with my iPhone 4 from the same location.  His phone showed a “4G” network even though his phone is not technically 4G.  Until recently I could only get about .5Mb.   - John Coffey

From: Witmer, Robert



1st Verizon – 8 Mb

2nd T-Mobile – 5.281 Mb

3rd Sprint – 3.412 Mb



1st AT&T – 2.7 Mb

2nd T-Mobile -

3rd Verizon - 0.694 Mb

4th Sprint -

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25 Billion Apps downloaded.

Apple - iTunes - 25 Billion App Countdown

Been watching the counter for awhile. It just went from 24,966
million to 24,905 million when I did a refresh of my web browser.
This tells me two things: The website counter is not real time and
occasionally they update it to bring it in align with reality.

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RE: Rumor: iPad 3 to Cost $70-$80 More Than iPad 2

I saw 2 tablets last night that look interesting.   One is the Blackberry Playbook with a new O.S. that appears to be a fully loaded 7 inch tablet.  It was around $199 and so was another 7 inch android tablet that I looked at.


Having looked at many tablet options last night, it is easy to see that Apple has a ton of competition.  I see Apple losing market share.


It is time that Kindle Fire got a SW upgrade.

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AT&T throttles iPhone unlimited data plans.

From: Witmer, Robert


I was talking with Marty M.  He said since the beginning of the new year or in the last few weeks the throughput here in the office has gone up considerably.  He is getting 1 Mbit and 1 Mbit up sitting at his desk on his iPad.  He ran the test in my cubicle also.  They must of activated a new tower nearby recently.  I can barely get 33 kbits on T-Mobile sitting at my desk unless I go outside, then I get comparable to what he is getting.  But for 99% of stuff I’m too lazy to walk outside just so I can download something that’s big.  Which is probably a good thing for not getting distracted.


Bob Witmer


From: Coffey, John R


… maybe a reason to switch to Sprint.



AT&T throttles iPhone unlimited data plans.

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