Friday, June 1, 2012

RE: Prepaid iPhone

2 years seems like a good time period to have a phone..  I am still quite happy with my iPhone 4 after 22 months.  I think that I will have to wait an additional 4 months for the iPhone 5 to come out.  Even so, I am not sure how badly I want to upgrade since I am still quite happy with the 4.  I will most likely upgrade.

Best wishes,

John Coffey


From:  Robert


I’m getting ready to drop my $80 monthly post-paid, off contract and move to a pre-paid $50 dollar, unlimited text, voice and data plan with a $600 phone soon.  I can only stay with a phone for 18 months before I start climbing the walls so I don’t want to buy the phone on contract.  Contracts just suck all around for me.  So I’ll buy the phone off contract and drop the traditional carrier.


This is the one I’m looking at:


I’m going to try them out for a month.  If I’m still happy, I’ll move my primary number over to them.  They say they don’t support 4G but everyone on the boards say their phones operate at 4G.





From: Coffey, John R


It doesn’t make sense to sell a $500 phone on a prepaid plan.


Best wishes,

John Coffey


From: Robert

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