Monday, March 12, 2012

RE: Fastest wireless in SLC?

I have gotten 4Mb just from my office.  Somebody I know with a 4S phone got 5Mb from the Salt Lake Community College, where I only got 3Mb with my iPhone 4 from the same location.  His phone showed a “4G” network even though his phone is not technically 4G.  Until recently I could only get about .5Mb.   - John Coffey

From: Witmer, Robert



1st Verizon – 8 Mb

2nd T-Mobile – 5.281 Mb

3rd Sprint – 3.412 Mb



1st AT&T – 2.7 Mb

2nd T-Mobile -

3rd Verizon - 0.694 Mb

4th Sprint -

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