Monday, February 13, 2012

AT&T throttles iPhone unlimited data plans.

From: Witmer, Robert


I was talking with Marty M.  He said since the beginning of the new year or in the last few weeks the throughput here in the office has gone up considerably.  He is getting 1 Mbit and 1 Mbit up sitting at his desk on his iPad.  He ran the test in my cubicle also.  They must of activated a new tower nearby recently.  I can barely get 33 kbits on T-Mobile sitting at my desk unless I go outside, then I get comparable to what he is getting.  But for 99% of stuff I’m too lazy to walk outside just so I can download something that’s big.  Which is probably a good thing for not getting distracted.


Bob Witmer


From: Coffey, John R


… maybe a reason to switch to Sprint.



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